Rejection of passport photos in the UK is a very common issue because most people do not follow the requirement for UK passport photos. If your passport has been rejected you will in intimidated through email to resubmit the appropriate UK passport photo complying with the UK passport photo specifications. If the application for a passport is submitted online, the applicant needs to resubmit it online or send it via email.

In case the passport application has been submitted in paper form along with printed passport photographs, and the passport photograph has been rejected, so the applicant has to resubmit it personally. The most common reasons for the rejection of a passport photograph are the background of the photo, size and lighting. The UK passport office keenly examines the passport photo, especially if the photograph is submitted online. In both in-person and online cases, the required size for a British passport photograph is 35 x 45 mm in length. Additionally, the size of a digital photograph should be a minimum of 50KB to a maximum of 10MB.

The physical measurement of the passport photo is one of the most important factors in the acceptance of a British passport photo. It includes:

  • The height of the face image should be between 29mm to 34mm. it measured from the crown of your head down to your chin. If you feel difficulty in measuring these requirements, you are advised to visit any professional photoshop, they are familiar and well-versed with these kinds of measurements, as well it will save you time and from several hassles.
  • The digital passport photo should cover the completed head and upper shoulder area.
  • Make sure that there are not any objects or people present in your passport photo, as well as the background of the digital photo, as well the photo should be taken against a cream or light grey background or screen.
  • Ensure that your passport photo is visually clear, not blurred and with contrast to the background.
  • A passport photo with “red eyes” are not acceptable, your real eyes should be visible in the passport photo.
  • While taking a passport photo the sitting position should be appropriate. You should sit straight in a forward-facing position, and look at the camera without a smiling face. However natural expression makes your photo the best.
  • Fully open eyes are required for a passport photo, blinking eyes due to the camera flash are not acceptable.

Here are some reasons for the rejection of passport photographs, people avoid these requirements which is caused the rejection of photos.

  • Wearing colored lenses or sunglasses
  • Reflection of sunglasses on the photo
  • Cover your head with headgear which hides your face (u can wear headgear for any valid reason)
  • The lighting of the photo is too dark or too bright
  • Wearing eyeglasses
  • A blurry or not clear photo
  • “red eyes” in the photo
  • Inappropriate sitting position, your face is not straight
  • Unsuitable face expressions
  • Wearing inappropriate or prohibited cloths
  • Shadows
  • Changed the background of the photo
  • Incorrect photo size
  • Use an edited photo
  • Poor color balance
  • More than six months old photo
  • You changed your facial appearance

These all are mistakes people do while taking or submitting their passport photo, as a passport photo is an official document and identity, therefore, it should be taken seriously and an appropriate photo should be used which meets all the requirements of a UK passport photo. To avoid these all mistakes and hassles you may avail of photoshop, a photo booth or use any online application for the passport photo. You take to generate an appropriate photograph while using online tools and applications. If after all these efforts your passport photo is rejected then you have to visit any professional passport company to take your appropriate photo. Professional passport companies are trained and certified in taking professional and official photographs.