There is no prescribed dress code for a UK passport, you need to wear casual clothes and make sure that your face is not covered, there is not any shade on your face or your hair is not hiding your face.

The simple is that your face would be visible without hiding any part of your face. Although it is required that your head and hair should be visible in the passport photo and a head cover is not allowed in the passport photo of the UK, in case of religious or medical matters would be allowed to cover your head. Furthermore, Hijab is allowed in the UK passport photo, while Burka not allowed, which covers the entire face of the applicant.

Additionally, you cannot wear sunglasses, or tinted glasses, however, you may wear medically essential glasses that do not make unclear your eyes.

Additionally, the glasses create a shadow on the passport photo, therefore glasses are not allowed. Because the dress color is one of the important questions in the dress code, as the background of the UK passport photo is white, you have to wear such color that highlights and can be distinguished from the background of the passport photo, it is recommended that you should wear the dark color dress, other than black.

The reason behind it is that the black color has sufficient contrast that may affect the biometrics. Hoodies and such type items that they up to the ears or hide part of the face or make shade are not allowed in a passport photo; normally hoodies are allowed, but it is advised to not wear them while taking a passport photo near me for the UK.

What To Wear For Passport Photo Dress Code ( latest Trend)

For your passport photo, the State Department suggests that you wear casual clothing. Although athleisure may be your go-to outfit and wearing yoga pants in your passport photo is entirely acceptable, we don’t suggest it. When you start a new work, it’s typical to use your passport as one of your identification documents. However, it can be uncomfortable to have HR photocopy a picture of you wearing a crop top for your employee file.

Instead, we advise dressing in a more businesslike manner, similar to what you might do at the office. You can wear shirts, sweaters, or dresses; however, pay close attention to the collar. It is preferable to wear something with a higher neckline so that it will be visible in the final cropped image. If your tank top or boat neck is cut out, it may make you appear to be nude. Oops!

Is it okay to wear jewelry in passport photos?

Yes! Jewelry is OK as long as it doesn’t cover your face in the passport photo. We suggest discreet stud earrings or a straightforward pendant necklace. You don’t want it to be excessively distracting or a source of glare. Surprisingly, you can’t wear your glasses! Therefore, when it’s time to say cheese, make sure to wear your contacts or simply remove your glasses.

Tips for passport photo hair and makeup

Your face cannot be hidden by your hair. Therefore, if you choose to wear your hair down, pin it back like Kim K. did or tuck it behind your ears. Use only bobby pins and avoid wearing anything that could be considered “headgear” (like a headband, barrette, or scrunchie). Of course, you can always choose a charming ponytail to simplify things.

Like your hair, your makeup should be uncomplicated and tidy. Go for a natural, fresh appearance. A wonderful tutorial on applying makeup for pictures can be found on BuzzFeed.

You can wear jewelry in your UK passport photo but ensure that your jewelry should not hide part of your face and does not create reflection on your photo. It is advised that wear brooches and necklaces if you want to wear jewelry. You can wear normal makeup, as you wear in your daily routine. It is good to avoid much makeup that may alter your biometric data.

You can wear makeup in your passport photo as you recognized at the airport. You may use your ears, nose, and lips for small piercings but cannot use large earrings that may cover your face. However, too many piercings may change your facial identity and biometrics.


What to avoid wearing for a passport photo

  • Let’s start by discussing inappropriate attire for passport photos.
  • Photos will be rejected by the State Department if you’re wearing: Glasses
  • A uniform or clothing in camouflage
  • Hat or other headgear (although there are some exceptions for religious or medical purposes)
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • anything you wear that hides your face