The passport in the UK is the sixth most powerful passport in the world, therefore the lost, stolen or damaged UK passport is not an ordinary issue. It may be used in any kind of illegal or criminal activity. In case of losing your passport, you should immediately report the loss, damage or theft by filling LS01 form at Her Majesty’s Passport Office. The office will cancel your missing or damaged passport by logging your provided data. Once your passport has been cancelled you have to apply for a new passport as soon as possible to avoid any kind of inconvenience or continue your travel. A damaged passport is one in which the page is torn, your detail pages are stained, or your photograph has been damaged. There are five steps in the replacement of a passport that has been lost, stolen or damaged.

Passport application form

The passport application form is the first requirement for the replacement of a stolen, lost or damaged passport. The same application form would be used for all kinds of passport applications. As you have filled out this form earlier, it would not be difficult for you to fill it. Kindly pay attention while filling out this form, a minor mistake or incorrect information would cause of delay in your passport. As the passport application form can be submitted in hard copy or online, therefore both facilities are available. While filling hard copy of the passport application you must use black ink, use block letters in the application to avoid any kind of mistake, the required answers would be written in white-mentioned boxes on the form, minor mistakes can be crossed out but continuous mistakes are not acceptable. If you do three mistakes in a line or fail to mention a clear signature in section 9 of the application form then you have to complete a new form.

Passport Photo

Once you completed your application with providing all the necessary information, passport photos would be required. If you are applying by post then you have to provide two passport photos, and a digital passport photo would be required for online application. Ensure that your passport photograph meets the UK passport photo requirements. The basic requirements for the UK passport photo are 1) the size of the passport photo should be 35 X 45mm in length, and 2) white background would be used. 3) the size of the digital passport photo would be not less than 50KB and not more than 10MB. Additionally, your passport photo should be clear, visible, and identical, your face not be covered, not blurred, no presence of any object or other human in your photo, no light shadows and the face should be straight towards the camera. To avoid any kind of inconvenience you may hire a professional passport photo service for perfect passport photos.

LS01 Form

LS01 form is used to report loss, damage or theft by filling the LS01 form at Her Majesty’s Passport Office. This form is available in post offices and on the home website of the UK government. if you find the passport after submitting this form, you have to send your passport to the office to destroy it.

  • Authorisation Letter

The authorisation letter is issued for someone who can lodge your document at the passport office or receive your new passport.

  • Order Form

In the order form, you mention the passport application type and service, applicant information, delivery method and payment confirmation.