You can renew your UK passport in Canada by applying online by visiting the official website of the United Kingdom or visiting personally. Currently, the British consulate in Canada is not accepting passport applications in person. The online application form submission is compulsory for online and personal visit requests too. Before submitting an online renewal application you are advised to gather all the required documents to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Kindly note that certified copies are expectable instead of simple copies. The following documents are required to renew your UK passport in Canada: your expired passport, two clear photographs with white background, and a size of 35 x 45 mm, fill out and submit the overseas passport application form.

How to Renew Your UK Passport in Canada

Additionally, if you are a citizen of another country (s) you have to submit a colored copy of that passport, and if you changed your name due to marriage or any other reason you have to submit a name change certificate. If you are not sure about the required documents in your case you may be informed while processing your online application form for the renewal of your British passport. For submitting your online application form for renewal of your UK passport you need to visit, click on the “Start now” button, and follow the steps. The online application process is very simple and it will not take a long time to submit. The three basic steps of the online application form are, your personal information (including your name, parents, address, phone numbers, and email address), uploading your appropriate photographs according to the requirement of a British passport and scanned supporting documents.

If you face any kind of difficulty you may contact the dedicated passport Adviceline and ask for help. Online customer support is available for around the week during office working hours, the office timings may be changed, and you can confirm the office timing by calling on customer services. The process of British passport renewal in Canada for children is the same as for adults, you just only need to provide information about children, upload their identical color photographs with white backgrounds and sizes of 35 x 45 mm, and the required documents on the online application portal. You can visit your nearer photo booths for British passport-size pictures or may avail of online applications and websites.

The renewal process of a British passport in Canada takes about fifty working days, which means it takes around seven weeks. The process might be late if there is lacking documents, public holidays, or any emergency condition. It is the time for ordinary passport application, and the time limits for the emergency passport service are changing. There are several fee charges for the renewal of a British passport in Canada. The renewal fee for a British passport in Canada may vary according to the type of passport and age of the applicant. There are three most popular types of British passports. We are here mentioning these types with the fee of renewal, 1) Standard 34-page Adult Passport with a fee of $369 (CAD), 2) Standard 34-page Child Passport with a fee of $339 (CAD), and Jumbo 50-page Adult Passport with a fee of $399 (CAD).

The renewal process of a British passport in Canada is very simple and easy, you have to only follow the instructions given on the website of the British government. to avoid any kind of delay in your passport renewal application you have to fill out the application form completely and attach all the required documents.