Get Emergency Passport Information

The process for getting an emergency passport is not as you getting an ordinary passport. The emergency passport service is available in special cases such as for serious health conditions or the death of any family member (including parents, children, spouse or recognized guardians, with evidence of a doctor’s letter or death certificate) visa appointment, travel itinerary and letter from employer.

Processing fees for passport facility for emergency

The eligibility criteria for an emergency passport vary according to the case. The emergency passport cannot replace the full UK passport, it is issued for a special condition with several limitations. The processing fee for an passport is £100 non-refundable without a guarantee of acceptance of the application, whether it may be successful or not. UK passport services offer to get only emergency passports or both i.e. emergency and ordinary passports through the same application and same time.

Other requirements for the passport process

To apply for the emergency application you need to apply online and follow all steps of the application, skipping any step would not be acceptable. Along with the other regular requirements for the passport, you need to submit evidence of urgency in hard copy and original passport for cancellation, Failure to submit your original passport would cause delays in your emergency passport. While sending evidence on urgency and the original passport through the post, you are required to mention “URGENT PASSPORT” in the broad font on the front of the envelope above the address.

If you cannot apply through the post, then you could take an emergency appointment to lodge your application. You can book your appointment by sending an email or calling your nearer Embassy, Consulate or British High Commission, while taking an appointment you should mention your contact number to reach you as soon as possible.

The process of an urgent passport could be completed within two to three working days after assessing and meeting all the requirements and payment. The applications of children born through surrogacy or child without full consent may require more time in processing.

Specific criteria for passport

The look of an urgent passport is not such an ordinary passport, it does not have any kind of chip, and it consists of four visa pages to fulfil your need for emergency travel, in some cases the validity of an emergency passport is the extent to one year. The urgent passport is not valid for all countries, you could not be used it to enter or exit from a few countries, therefore, you have to confirm that the country where you want to travel accepts an urgent passport.

A few countries accept an emergency passport with valid travel evidence and documents. Additionally, to enter countries where a visa is required, you have to consult with the embassy of that country for a visa, keep in mind that a few countries do not issue a visa on the emergency passport. You have to check this information before applying for an emergency passport or visa, especially the country or counties where are you travelling.

How to apply online application on website

In case you already have applied for your ordinary passport and your application is in process, meanwhile, your need an urgent passport, you can add an emergency passport to your pending application with an additional fee, after you have lodged it. For this, you have to create another online application through the embassy’s website.

Send your evidence of urgency in hard copy and original passport by post. If u cannot, you may contact the embassy via email or phone call to book your appointment to lodge the application. Mention your previous application form number to get a quick response. Provide evidence of urgency on a print form such as visa appointment confirmation, travel itinerary or letter from the employer. Finally, you have to submit a credit card authorization form to authorize the office to charge your emergency passport fee.