If you want to change the photo on your passport then you have to renew your passport. The UK passport can be renewed at any time, no matter how many times your renewed your UK passport or how much time before you got your current passport. You have to follow the passport renewal steps and add your new passport photo to the application form.

How to Change the Photo on a Passport: The Simple Way

You can apply for renewal of your UK passport following one of the following methods:

  • Online: it is an easy and cheapest method for applying for a UK passport. Online application tools guide every step about the requirements and you can easily submit your application.
  • Post: You can directly send your passport application along with the required documents to the passport office.

While filling out your passport application you should take into consideration of following things:

  • The name you use for your passport should be matched with the name of your documents.
  • You should use your new name on your passport application if you officially changed your name.
  • You have to mention your all previous names and maiden.
  • If you have a UK passport, you must enter its details.
  • The age limit for an adult UK passport is 16 years.
  • The adult passport would be valid for 10 years.
  • A child passport is valid until you are over 18 years.

Documents required for UK passport:

  • All the original documents would be required for applying for a UK passport, photocopies are not acceptable. Original documents would be returned to you once the application process has been completed. You can take a secure delivery service for your documents by paying additional charges. The document would be delivered to your given address in the UK.
  • Birth adoption certificate or evidence of parental immigration status
  • A certificate of naturalization would be required if the applicant is born abroad
  • A person who confirms your identity (only for applying in paper form)
  • Certificate translation of documents would be required if your document is in other than English.

UK passport Fees

  • There are two types of passport application processing. One is online and the second is a paper application.
  • The fee for online application is: £75.50
  • The fee for the paper application is: £85

To avoid in kind of inconvenience or delay in your passport you are advised to provide all required information correctly, and documents and pay the fee.

For the renewal of your UK passport you have to follow these steps:

UK passport can be renewed at any time. That period of your existing passport doesn’t need to end. In case of renewal of your passport before the ending period, the outstanding period of your current passport would be transferred to a new passport with a maximum limit of nine months. You can apply for renewal of your passport by online or post.

UK passport renewal by post:

  • UK passport renewal form is available at all UK post offices free of charge.
  • You have to fill application form with the correct information with your contact number, address, and email, attached are the required documents and two identical photographs, sized 35mm 45mm wide with white background.
  • Mistakes in the application form are not acceptable. Fill out the passport application form with black ballpoint with capital letters.
  • Select the passport type of 34 pages or 50 pages in the application form.
  • Provide detail of your past passports.
  • Attached is your original past passport with the application.
  • UK passport photo rules are very strict, therefore follow the photo requirement to avoid any kind of delay in the passport process.
  • Pay your passport application fee and submit your application.

The process of passport renewal would take three weeks approximately, but it depends on your passport application status and provided information. Your application for a passport may be delayed due to any inappropriate information or a passport photo.