There is a simple process to apply for a British passport for a Newborn baby, you just need to follow these steps and complete the British passport application. Kindly note that all original documents would be required for passport application, and photocopies would be rejected, which may cause a delay in the passport of the newborn baby.

How to Apply for a British Passport for a Newborn Baby 6 Simple Steps

1. Collect documents

You have to collect all legal documents of your child, i.e. birth certificate from the hospital if the case of adoption there should be an adoption certificate, which shows the name of the child and parents too. Evidence of one of the parents’ guardians’ claim of British citizenship including passport number, a British registration certificate, birth certificate, or certificate of naturalization. You have to provide any court order if applicable. Parental responsibility evidence document or agreement of residency arrangements. If case newborn baby has a passport from another country or counties have to be mentioned. If you want to change the name of a newborn baby as on the birth certificate then you need to provide evidence of the name change such NHS record and a signed letter by parents for the name change.

2. Passport Photo

A passport photo is one of the most important steps in the passport process, the passport photo provides an identity to the applicant. Therefore, it should be taken properly. While taking a photo of your child you must ensure the following instructions.

  • The size of the passport photo would be 35 x 45mm in length
  • The newborn baby should be alone in the passport photo. Toys, humans, or other objects would not be present in the photo.
  • Looking straight at to camera is not necessary
  • Plain facial expressions are not required from newborn baby
  • A newborn baby does not need to open his/ her eyes in a passport photo
  • A newborn baby should be laid on the plain-colored sheet for taking a picture

3. Application From

The parent and guardian of the child are advised to fill out the UK passport application form carefully. The information should be correct and according to the documents. The UK passport application can be filled out online by visiting the home official website of the government of the UK or by paper application, paper application can be collected from any nearer post office. A paper application can be filled with black ballpoint and capital letters, mistakes are not allowed in the passport application form. Attached are two passport photos of the child and all required documents. Once the passport application form is completed one of the parents or guardian have to sign on the application. Additionally, a countersignatory would be required to validate the application. Similarly, the online form would be filled and all documents would be attached along with a digital passport photo of the child. Finally, pay the fees for the passport application.

The fee for an online application is £49 and for a paper, the application is £58.50.

4. Countersignatory

Countersignatory would make your application valid, it is a compulsory step, in which a countersignatory would confirm the identity of your child. For the online application, the countersignatory would be asked for an email in which he/ she will confirm the identity of your child. Kindly take the permission from countersignatory while taking the signature, because the passport office would contact him or her for confirmation too.

5. How to receive your passport

Once the new baby’s passport application has been approved, your all original documents would be sent back to you. You are asked to select how would like to receive your passport, either via normal post or secure delivery. You have to pay an additional £5 for the secure delivery option. Additionally, you would collect it personally.

6. Submit the passport application

Once your newborn baby’s passport application has been completed, you have to send the passport application to the post office. The passport of a newborn baby would be delivered to you within ten weeks through your selected mode of passport collection.