Applying for the first adult passport is not a difficult task. A child can easily lead the process without any hurdles or hesitation. As a guardian or parents, we have to guide our child who wants to get his or her first adult passport. Firstly, ensure that your child became 16 years or left three weeks to become 16 years old or is above 16 because the age limit for the adult passport is 16 years or above. As parents, you have to read all the instructions about the adult passport given on the home official web of the UK government.

The UK government offer both types of passport application either it may be in paper form or online. You may collect the paper application from any nearer post office, fill it with black ballpoint, use capital letters, and do not do mistakes on the application, a lot of mistakes on your application may be a cause of rejection of your application, do your signatures where required. While filling out the application form you must ensure that the given information is correct and especially your child’s name is the same as on other documents. The name change may be a cause of passport application rejection.

If your child changed his or her name then you have to provide a certificate of the name change. Attached are two passport photos, which meet the requirements of a UK passport photo. The passport photo of the UK should be sized 35 x 45 mm in length, white background and be identical. The blur, invisible, face covered, head covered, closed eyes, improper sitting position or use of sunglasses may be a cause of application rejection. In the third step, you have to attach all required documents with the application. While applying for an adult passport for your child you have to mention your child’s contact number, email and postal address for correspondence.

Once you have filled out your child’s passport application form and attached your child’s passport photos and documents, now you can send them to the passport office. The passport office will contact you to inform you about the status of your passport application. You may also use the services of the post office for your child’s passport application process, the post office assist you in filling out the passport application, and check your documents, passport photos or other documents if required, the post office will finalise your child’s passport application and send it to the passport office on your behalf. The passport office will contact you for more correspondence.

While in the online application your child has to follow these all steps i.e. fill out the passport application form, upload a digital passport photo and upload the required documents by visiting the home official website of the UK government. The online process guide applicant while completing the passport application, therefore it would be easier for the applicant to fill out the application form. The requirement of a digital passport photo is important, therefore you should take a passport photo from any professional photographer or the photo booth. Finally, there is a requirement for the virtual interview with the applicant, therefore you have to prepare your child for a passport interview. The instructions related to passport interviews are available on the home official website of the UK government.