There are several free passport photo Apps Android shortlisted for 2023. These app works properly and meets your requirements for a passport photo, you can easily access these applications on your laptop, Desktop computer, or mobile.

Here we are describing a few free best passport photo Apps that would help you in marking or editing your passport photo.

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  1. Passport Photo Maker

Free Passport Photo App Android is developed by Appwallet technologies, which offers your photo-making service with the addition of hundreds of templates. The app consists of 111 visa templates, and 120 passport photo templates and you can make your selection cards, school cards, ID cards, and much more you want. This App offers you to custom photo template creator, this tool will facilitate you to make your passport photo according to your requirements or if your country is not listed in the app. The basic requirement for all passport photos is photo size, background color, lighting, and contrast. This app offers all these basic editing tools to make your personalized passport photo. You can easily make your photo and save it, you may digitally use it or print it on paper. The absence of automatic face Passport recognition makes this app more useful. Due to the free version, you have to bear ads on this app.

  1. CodeStackLab

CodeStackLab is a unique photo maker application, this app has a lot of services for its users. Such as it offers to resize your passport photo or visa photo, create OCI or PAN cards, you may choose ID photo templates that may help you to create a photo according to your need, or finally you can sort your templates by size too. This application can be run on a laptop, computer, or mobile, the use of this app is very easy, even a young child can use it. To make your passport photo you may upload a photo in the app and edit it according to your requirements. This app allows you to crop your photo, change or remove the background or photo, select the size of the photo and fit it according to your official requirements. This application work manually means there is not any automatic verification from the app, so before finalizing your passport photo, you should make sure that your passport photo is meeting the requirements. This application is completely and best for those who are more tech-savvy.

  1. Dexati Passport Camera

This app has several editing tools that facilitate you to make your passport photo more accurate. Passport Camera, from Dexati, offers free services for its user, this app has several templates for every country’s passport photo, once you completed your passport photo you may save it to make print or use in soft form. This app also allows you to directly print your passport photo from your home printer. This app is richer than other applications in its features, the best advantages of this app are the scaling, background adjuster, and auto-editing functions. The background adjuster allows you to generate a background as you need and finally the brightness editors also increase the quality of passport photos. Due to the free version, this app carries several ads.

  1. Z Photo Apps

Passport Photo Maker is one of the free Z Photo Apps, this app allows you to create passport photos in more than 150 countries. You may directly take a photo from this app using your mobile phone camera. Once you took your photo, the application would directly forward your photo to editing segments. The editing services of this app are very useful and fulfill the needs of all types of passport photos. This application also has a background changer, brightness editing, and color-balancing services. Once you finalized your passport photo, you may generate digital photo templates and take print from your home printer or printing shop. This application does not work automatically, you have to do all the steps by yourself and make sure that your passport photo is meeting your requirements. You may create a passport photo within a few minutes. This app has both free and paid versions. The paid version has much more features with minimum ads, while the free version has limited features with a lot of ads.