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Passport Photo code near me - passport photo near me

Passport Photo code UK

Passport Photo code near me - passport photo near me

Passport Photo code UK

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If you’re looking to apply for a new passport with as much ease as possible, then get online, search ‘passport photo near me’ and choose Passport photo codes UK.

Download the best passport photo app on the Apple app store and apply for your new passport without having to leave the house. It’s also available on Android.


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Passport photos are a critical component of applying for a passport, visa, or other forms of identification. Many countries have strict guidelines regarding the size, quality, and specifications of passport photos, which must be followed carefully to avoid delays or rejections.

To get a passport photo near you, you can visit a variety of locations such as photo studios, pharmacies, post offices, or even some grocery stores. These places often have experience taking passport photos and are familiar with the guidelines for your particular country.

When taking a passport photo, it is essential to dress appropriately, avoid wearing accessories or headwear that may obstruct the face, and ensure proper lighting and a neutral background. Many places that offer passport photo services will also provide assistance with ensuring that your photo meets the necessary requirements.

It is essential to remember that passport photos are a serious matter, and any mistakes or discrepancies in your photo can lead to significant delays or issues with your application. Therefore, it is best to take your time, follow the guidelines carefully, and work with a trusted professional to ensure that your passport photo is of the highest quality possible.

Passport Online near me in the UK

Her Majesty’s office is introducing a way for customers to retrieve a digital photo when they renew their passport online.

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Step 1

Download “Passport Photo code UK” from App store or play store.

Step 2

Read general guidelines or watch our video before starting your process.
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Step 3

You’ll need someone to help you to take your photo by smart phone.
Passport photo - Passport Photo near me
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Step 4

Submit your selected passport photo which you capture using passport photo code application.
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Step 5 

Your code will be delivered within 2-24 hours( if your photo meets the rules

Apply Online

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Start by searching for passport photos near me and downloading the Passport Photo Codes UK app. It’s as simple as uploading your photo and paying the fee. You’ll be sent a unique code within 24 hours and this can be used to apply for your new passport, online. Easy.



Photo Guidelines

Whilst there is no longer the need for a photobooth, you must pay special attention to the specific photo regulations when taking your image. So instead of looking for passport photos near me to find your closest photobooth, you can just upload your own image.

However, it must still be compliant with HMPO guidelines, but this should be very easy to do.

  • You will be asked to provide a good quality and clear, colour photograph of yourself for the application.
  • Your eyes must be open, and you should make sure to look directly at the camera with a neutral expression on your face whilst taking your photograph. Selfies cannot be accepted so it would be helpful to have someone else around to take the photo for you if possible.
  • Your features must be unobstructed; so that means no sunglasses, hats, headphones, or anything similar – the only exception here is medial or religious headwear.
  • Just as important as the subject of the image, the background must also be compliant with the guidelines. This means your background ought to be plain, simple, and white. The easiest way to achieve this at home is to take your photo standing in front of a wall.

Next Day Delivery Available

There is also the option to obtain physical prints if you’d like them. With no need to leave the house, you’ll always have passport photo near me as if you wish, it is possible to have physical copies sent in the post, straight to your front door.


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What Your Digital Photo Must Show

The specific requirements for each country are as follows:


The Passport photo must:

Be sized 40x45mm / 4×4.5cm
Be against a white background


The Passport photo must:

Be sized 40x50mm / 4x5cm
Be against a white background



The Biometric Passport photo must:

Be sized 35x45mm
Be against a white background


The Work Visa photo must:

Be sized 30x40mm / 3x4cm
Be against a white background


The Passport photo must:

Be sized 4x4cm
Be against a white background


The Passport photo must:

Be sized 600x600px
Be against a light grey background

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Pleasantly surprised with using this service for my driving licence photo. I was able to take as many photos as I wanted and submitted the one that I really liked! To my surprise the photos arrived the next day in pristine condition and the writing on the envelope was hand written, adding it a personalised and friendly touch! I will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you!

Madalina Alexandra

Fantastic App. Really easy to use Service was really quick, got my code within minuets of taking photo and pictures were dispatched same day as i recieved them the next day. Very efficient service. Quality of pics was excellent too.

Zohra Khalid

Great service!!! I am so glad to have my passport photo without going to shop. I have been told that I will receive the email in 24 hours but I received it 30 minutes later . I highly recommend it This is the second time using this app the first was mine and this time is to renew my son’s passport it’s absolutely excellent !!! I got my photo without going to the shop love this app thanks for your wonderful job. Easy and quick

Toure Saran

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